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The range
10 good reasons...
Quality charter
Bruschetta® is positioned on the high-quality fast-food market.
Bruschetta® fits in with the current trend for quick,
high-quality meals at affordable prices:
Consumers are looking for reliability, natural flavours,
high quality and conviviality.
Bruschetta® is a product that appeals to customers of all ages, from 5 to 85.
Bruschetta® is innovative: it's original,
surprisingly simple and tastes great.
Bruschetta® is based on the simple principle of
subtle combinations of the finest ingredients and
specially produced bread, bound together with an exceptional cheese.
Bruschetta® adapts to any type of catering,
and while perfect for both lunch and dinner menus, it can also be served at any time of day or night, at any event or any location, whether to eat in or to take away.

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