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The range
Quality charter
Quality is our priority
The very best ingredients

Tradi-Qual Développement SA carefully selects its Italian suppliers (except for cheese, which is sourced in France), choosing only the best products from their ranges.

Product traceability and the ability to ensure a reliable and regular supply are also key determining factors when choosing suppliers.
The products used include:

Natural tomato pulp with no added flavours.

Small forest mushrooms cooked with spices.

Grilled quartered artichokes, cooked with mint, basil, hot peppers and garlic.

Hams: the Parma ham that garnishes the Bruschetta® Parma bears the Ducal Crown of the Parma Ham Consortium, which guarantees its origin, the length of the ageing period, and so forth. The highest category of cooked ham has been chosen from the classification established by the Italian Order of 21 September 2005.

The cheese that binds the bread and the topping is a Tomme from the Cantal area of Auvergne in France, specially produced in Bruschetta® format for Tradi-Qual Développement SA
Optimum logistics service

The quality procedure also concerns all our logistics operations:
Tradi-Qual Développement SA guarantees delivery of stock throughout France within one to two days, depending on the region.

As its products are distributed from its own logistics centre, Tradi-Qual Développement SA is able to guarantee stock availability all year round, from 1 January to 31 December.

Finally, Tradi-Qual Développement SA also provides all after-sales services for the Bruschett'grill.

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